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Managerial Economics (MBA 1st Sem)

Managerial Economics (MBA 1st Sem)

RS. 125.00 RS. 160.00

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Cyber Security (B Tech 5th sem CS New Scheme 2019)
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Internal Combustion Engines (B. Tech. 5th sem ME New Syllabus 2019)

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Mathematics-III ( 4th Sem -CS\IT\EX\EE New Syllabus 2020)
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Fluid Mechanics ( B. Tech 4th sem. ME New Syllabus 2020)
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Software Engineering (B.Tech 4th sem CS New Syllabus 2020)
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Machine Learning  (B Tech. 6th sem CSE  New Scheme 2020)
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Computer Networks  (B Tech. 6th sem CSE  New Scheme 2020)